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18 October 2014

Hello....... anyone out there

Has it really been so long.... dusting cobwebs of my blog, i know i disappeared? Well i was never one for big speeches, i left the PSP World when The Padded Cell closed because i was incredibly ill and people who really knew me. Would tell you that i did not even tell them the full story. So what have i been doing well mainly trying to reclaim my life back, i wont bore you. Firstly need blood transfusion and then had surgery which took me months to heal from.Then thinking the old me was back, I decided to go back to college and get some more qualifications. Why because i have a lot of illnesses that put employers off. But it became clear during this time that i was not well and took a year of tests to rule out some serious possibilities. When they ruled all that out i was arguing with doctors i am sure this is common for a lot of you..!!!!

I went on health programs and still was not well even with these specialists voicing concern No-one listened, until a little over a year ago now my body grassed me up and i ended up going blue lights and spending three months in hospital and undergoing surgery again. now i sport a tummy that really does look like i been a Voodoo Doll. This time i was lucky to make it off the hospital table so now a year on i have finally had my first set of results back to say i normal. 

Yes i know i was never normal, but i lost my Mask of Silliness and when that happened.. i decided to revert to hiding in my corner. Well that's as good as you will get out of me, take it or leave it....
Before you ask were i been hiding the answers no were just Facebook games, I am also a Grannie twice over eekkk i feel so old i started Playing in PSP when my kids were babies. One is married and my youngest has left home at nearly 21.  I had real fun over the years and so many of the things that most take for granted be born, Grow and them end... 

Yes i know my Tutorials are still down i do not have an answer for this im afraid, its out of my hands.

My Home PC has been lovingly fixed and is upgraded and now running and purring, its running on Windows 7 HE, I have not a clue if my plugins, filters or even my Photoshop will work on it, I am guessing not as its been a long time. So i need to relearn a lot of things and try see if i cant get them to work and them i might actually finished what i started before this carry on.

So if i can get my things to work and dig out all my stuff, tubes, well theirs a headache to learn most have closed that i know.  Well we see if i can still fiddle or not. i so still fiddle but i also fiddle in other mediums now.... 

so time to dust of my wings give them a flutter and see if there still PSP left in the old girl yet...   
The power of voodoo. ... Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave

5 April 2014

Tutorial Website is back up and running

Weescotslass posted a statement today 

yaaaay, my website is back up and running, along with butterbutts  big thanks to Colin for fiiiiiinally getting it sorted. I am such a happy bunny. Now to go re-design the homepage haha.

so if you have missed my tutorials they are back and now i'll have to dust of my psp

18 February 2014

Funkysweetdesigns tutorial Featuring Good girls gone bad kit

its always nice to find a surprise in my inbox, i received a stunning tag of funkysweetdesigns, she has used my Good Girl Gone Bad scrap kit which you can see below featuring my Good girls gone bad kit.  

The kit is still FTU and downloadable and You can find WY stunning tutorial good-girls-gone-bad Here So hop over to her tutorials and you can make this tag with your name on too.