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27 June 2009

Im Doomed

My new drive finally arrived i got all excited un -packing it and had side of PC off like a child opening birthday presents.... I took out my operating drive and installed the new hard drive & placed my old operating drive in my caddy bay as this will now become my psp drive. All installed so off to format it as a new drive needs formatting, well i try to keep myself occupied while i waited impatiently for it to complete. Finally i opened the CD ROM and inserted my windows disk, i hate formatting but the thought of having my tubes back will see me though this. Well I'm sat there looking at the black screen as its load on the untiles needed to install windows and it reboots itself, i sit waiting for the screen to appear to say windows is installing .... I'm still sat waiting.... well its a larger drive maybe it takes longer to pick up ... still waiting .... now getting impatient..

I rang my neighbour who's into building PCs and explain whats going on he comes rushing up with that look off hmmm women and starts to see play about, i can here chuntering, hes off to get his c tools disk to try see why its being funny. Four hours later and hes not a happy bunny and two phone calls to the shop i purchased it from they have declared my new drive as faulty.

well i could of cried... Ive repackaged the hard drive up and sent it back registered mail, so hopefully in another week i might have a drive that actually works.

You never miss something until you suddenly can't do it I'm going stir crazy

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