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31 July 2009

Question & Answers

Anonymous "Not a scrap designer, then why place your stuff on a digital free site? There are tons of tagger places to share your stuff." I haven't seen any Digital Free sites to share items with on the net exclusively for Taggers in this format, i know of one other site like the one you have followed my link from and that bans most taggers.

I place an image and a link on this site and leave it up to people to choose to click and visit me. i don't advertise anywhere else and i refuse to spam forums, mail groups. I very clearly state in the description sizing and format so no confusion caused.

There are a lot of Taggers who make in things in both scrapper or Tagger sized. regarding your question the reason being is because a lot of taggers use digital free sites a lot of the people advertising on this site you have come from including me are Taggers. who create in both formats.i didn't know they were exclusively for Scrap Artist.

Taggers use tag sized and scrap sized material and i use these sites daily myself to find products for my Hobby I'm not a scrap artist is the statement i made as I'm learning to make designs so i don't want people to download my things and think its superb quality, when a proper scrapper can see flaws and think its rubbish yes it might be but we all start learning somewhere. Maybe one day when i think something is good ill say I'm a Scrap Artist till then I'm going to wear my Learner Plates with pride.


LadyQueen's scrap Creations said...

you don't owe anyone an explination..first of all why can't they come in here with their real name ? scared maybe Lol..and second of all who said blogger was just for scrappers period ? last time i checked blogger has all kind of people blogging about whatever they want ,its not just for scrappers @ Can't show my name cuz im scared. SOrry so if you don't like it stop comming by she isn't making you come to her blog.

Oooh ok butter sorry i just had to get that out i hate to see people come in and be rude ugggh..keep doing what you do I LOVE IT lol :D

TygersTidbits said...

I think they are probably jealous cause your stuff is way better than I've seen from some "proper scrappers" Considering mostly all the stores and scrap forums i am in have about 50/50 on taggers and scrappers and alot of crossovers.. I don't see the problem! Why does Annonymous care anyway!!! I am proud to be a tagger, scrapper , knitter, writer, sewer, and many other crafty things!!!! Keep giving us the goodies!!!