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9 June 2010

I'm in Voodoo Lou Love

I'm in love  I came across this and  I want one, Now i need to win the lottery to own one. Now i know there not everyone's cup of tea but i never said i was normal. What i find really spooky is its called Lou and well  between you and me kind of looks like my dear friend Lou. 

 "Voodoo Lou".  made from sterling silver and they come on a 30" silver double curb chain. The doll is approx 4cm long x 2cm wide at widest point - nice heavy pieces on really solid chain. You can pick the color of beads on the end of the voodoo pins. The pins are meant to dangle off the chain next to the voodoo doll, but the owner can poke and prod all through out the doll, the head the heart the tummy etc. Depending on what sort of vibe they are feeling that day!!! A fun piece of jewellery  £165

Pictured together - Doomed Dolly and Voodoo Lou

These can be purchased from Love2Have Limited

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