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29 March 2009

Annoyed Nuttering

Well I'm   cross today..... I know people share files and stuff and upload them to site,    I live with that even though I ask people not to supply my masks in tutorial supplies BUT... to upload them and have actually remove all my file names off my own creations is infuriating why would anyone do this, I thought in this day an age we were all mainly copyright aware.   I was informed of this Blog had posted mine the blog is photoshop-mumy now I'm hoping that it’s because she’s Foreign, she’s didn't understand the TOU she’s uploaded them 

BUT  I have a feeling that's not true  She’s Re-named all the Mask file names that’s what I’m so cross about,  we all make mistakes or shared a file in supplies occasionally and  think oops.. I ask people to send them here to download my masks for tutorial because I’m small and unknown, so people can see other masks I made. I don't Charge any money I do it for the love of psp.... sorry I'm so upset someone would do this to me again  especially last year when I shut my site down because  my work was stolen , Renamed and being passed around  groups. 



Gypsy said...

omg, hunni, even I abused your TOU!! I'm so sorry, I try so hard to be careful...I used one of your masks in a kit, and I credited you, of couse, omg, but I failed to add a link to your blog, I think. Aw, jeez, let the flogging commence, I'm groveling at your pudgy little angry toesies! I'm so sorry, it won't happen again. As to the thief, hang her. High.

Butter said...

aaww gypsy that's ok i know people make honest mistakes like that and i do understand

WHAT had me hoping mad on this is all the masks in the uploaded file had been renamed

my name removed off them i always name them the same way that way if someone comes across one they can hopefully find me to download more or to give me credit if the do a search

but they had all been renamed so it means now anyone who downloaded the files she posted have my masks without names on so will be shared and passed around over and over again and abused that why i was annoyed

were all human we all make mistakes

But ty for telling me

Sophisticat Simone said...

Well that totally sucks butter.
The arrogance of such a person is mind boggling.
I know you work hard creating the beautiful things you do and to still your masks and remove your name???? WTF?
Ok well hugs and I hope things settle down for you babe.