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8 January 2010

Look who came to Visit Me

Been a  horrid Morning, I had such plans  commissions to start, Templates to finish and package to share with you, But then i got a phone call and my day's been ruined Mr Butter rang to say he'd popped the car in at the Garage for them to check why the car heater wasn't working. Dinnertime he returned to the Garage to be informed the heater was the least of our worries and that the Master Cylinder has cracked in the freezing weather, and un-driver-able. Poor guys mortified the car has only just been repaired after a Lorry reversed into it and he's still waiting for our money back from the insurance company. So its been a very miserable start to my day and the thought of a £400 repair bill.  The Garage have given him a Loan car till it's fixed.

Angry Sack Boy LittleBigPlanet
But when i just wanted to crawl back under me duvet and never came out the postman arrived with a package. Air Mail from Canada for me, normally only mail with my name on is the household bills.  Just like a big kid i shock the packet and it jingles. Open it carefully and noticed the senders name wondering what she sent me and how soon can I murder Her. Inside was a Christmas card and I found Mr genius, and was chuckling at how cute he was. When moving the packaging more jingling noises where heard, as I groped around  out popped King of Darkness. Tell me are they not just adorable Mr Genius does  have a look of Mr Butter and King of Darkness, I'm sure friend's would say is very much me. Just adore these Keyring's. I have a very kind and Mad friend. Now where did i leave my Pins...?

The watch over me dolls John Hinde  
King of Darkness :  To watch over you, weaken your enemies and bring fame, fortune and power
Mr Genius : To tap your inner Genius and show them you're not as dumb as you look

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