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11 July 2010

Small Update

Sure panic, thought i had destroyed my blog earlier so if you saw some weird goings on sorry, Anyhow managed to wipe out my widgets and coding and had some quick thinking to do and thanks to google chrome and my brain cells having a meeting i worked out a sneaky cheat and fix

I'm sure you’re wondering d why haven't you been seeing any scrap, or any design related goodies. Well it’s taken a lot longer for me to dust myself down and feel my Old self. Still waiting to see specialists Seems everyday I go to my GP another part of me is falling to pieces, at an alarming rate. Time flies so fast it’s been a year since the dreaded day I got the phone call from my GP in blind panic. I have a final specialist to see this month and hopefully 4 years down the track I will be on the right road to a proper diagnosis. Another is I just haven’t been able to work or gain work to finance tubes for this hobby.

Regarding the change of life and Business I enrolled back in college, sat my entry test like a naughty school kid, well geriatric to the youngsters who were sitting the test with me. I'm sure they looked at me as I had done at their age wondering what this old person was doing there. Remember now I haven't reached 40 yet but to 16-17 year old girls and boys I should be in an old people’s home. The test was set on computers settling myself in thinking this will be quick. Nevertheless as the clock ticked the Youngsters left and utter panic of realising I was only half way through the first section. How had I become so slow. You really don’t realise how out of step you are till you sit down in a class of peers who could be your children. Now don’t get me wrong I hadn’t thought I would never get to this point I just thought you didn’t slow down till you got to our mothers ages. Now I realise my girls are right when they shout at me your old and out of touch there right, Please some stop the tide. I have to wait to see if I can attend the course as if I can’t gain funding I won’t be able to attend.

Thank you to a dear friend who sat by me this year and when I faltered, doubted or just hid myself from the psp world drags me out kicking and screaming. Sure she enjoys the beatings, but I can’t thank her enough. Online friends don’t often realise they might be the only contact with the normal outside world. Several have fallen by the wayside while I was ill a shame but she’s been there dragging me though it all.
There will be new things coming so watch this space...... A lot of things... to those who stuck by me and kept following...

Thank You


Stylin' Serina aka §Designs said...

*pokes buttah and runs* :P dust off them cobwebs in here woman *choke cough* hehee

makeyesup said...

Don't every give up on anything you want to do. I went back to school and got my degree and CPA at the age of 50 and will always refuse to say no to myself when I want to accomplish something.

ButterflyFlutterby said...

i did go back to school and i got a BA Hons Degree 4 yrs ago I have a Btec and a HNC also but still no one will hire me so Im trying to retrain in the daft vain that eventually someone will see past my disabilities and see Im worthwhile and have something to offer and contribute to this world.

Tyger said...

I really hope that you get the funding needed. I'm waiting to hear if I have funding to do a BA in literature after summer.

kiko said...

Hello! I like so much your blog, I have a psp design forum, I've been in the design world four years, I'm Spanish, if you drop by my blog and know you would appreciate, thank you very much, greetings.